Protect your family in your home.

Create unique profiles for each family member and their device, enabling appropriate blocking and access to preferred websites only.


Increase productivity and lower costs in the workplace.

Monitor online usage and control content by department or by employee.


Get the best international entertainment.

Access previously restricted regional streams and request new content.


Why do you need Netbender?

A million new websites appear on The Internet every month, adding to the more than one billion sites already online. Included in these new and existing sites are a great number of undesirable and/or dangerous sites that may disrupt computer operation.
These sites may gather sensitive information, or gain access to private computers and devices. Apart from Malware, Phishing and trojan software, there may be other websites and content that you would want to block, so that your children or employees won’t be affected.

Features and Benefits


Traditional Internet management:
In the past, all routers, ISP services and firewalls have had “block all or none” functionality, meaning that ALL devices and computers in the home or office are blocked at the same time and all are governed by one set of criteria for all. This poses a problem when certain individuals or devices may need to access particular sites, and others are to be blocked.


Stop unwanted adverts and tracking software!
Netbender’s unique blocking system makes sure that your network users and bandwidth usage is not affected by unwanted ads and popups, further saving you money on your bandwidth costs.


Take your settings with you.
Netbender’s user profile by device settings, means that wherever you are, you can apply your content filters. This ensures device and user safety whether at work, while shopping, at school or at home.


Netbender – A world first.
The Netbender router has now changed the way undesirable sites and content are managed and monitored. Netbender offers each user/device it’s own set of rules as to which sites or content can be blocked or accessed. This is done by creating a unique profile for each device or user, whereby a custom set of blocking and access criteria can be set for each of those users. This can be setup easily (and remotely, via your mobile phone) through the Netbender control panel.


Top notch entertainment.
Getting tired of the same old movies and Internet radio? There are many great free radio services offered in other countries that aren’t accessible in South Africa, but with Netbender you can have access to sites such as Pandora and Netflix. Want additional services through Netbender? -Ask us, and we’ll add it to your entertainment access list.


Data usage and monitoring:
The cost of data in South Africa is not cheap. Netbender will ensure that all user activity on your home or business network is controlled, ensuring that any bandwidth hogs are kept in line. Each user’s activity can be monitored and tailored at any time, and in any manner to match the preferences you set.


Line speeds remain unaffected.
Because Netbender blocks harmful and unwanted content, your line, page loading and streaming speeds remain constant and unaffected.


It’s like a Virtual Private Network:
Netbender provides all of the security of a VPN connection and more!